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Microsoft Project Filter

How to apply a filter to your Microsoft Project plan so that your timeline or Gantt chart only shows the important tasks and milestones.

If you have a lengthy Microsoft Project plan or a plan with lots of detail, you may have difficulty seeing the most important aspects of your project. OnePager enables to you filter your Microsoft Project plan and then create a simplified timeline or Gantt chart based on only the filtered tasks and milestones.

OnePager Pro is the leading Microsoft Project timeline add-in. OnePager can create simple, informative project timelines like the one below even if your project plan itself is very complex. Sign up for a free trial and try it out today.

Filtered Microsoft Project Report

Here is how to build a filtered Microsoft Project report:

  1. Let's start with a Microsoft Project plan. This one has hundreds of tasks, but we only want to see things that are assigned to Jeff and are scheduled to start in Q3 of 2017. It's not easy to spot these in Microsoft Project, but a filtered report in OnePager will give you what you need.
    Microsoft Project Plan
  2. Launch OnePager Pro. You can either do this from your desktop, or from inside Microsoft Project.
    Launch OnePager Pro.
  3. Click NEW to begin building your project report:
    OnePager Pro start screen lets you start filtering your Microsoft Project plan.
  4. On the next screen, click Select tasks by custom filter to begin filtering your Microsoft Project schedule:
    Tell OnePager that you want to filter your Microsoft Project schedule.
  5. When the filter screen appears, set up a few rules to decide which items from Microsoft Project will be included in your report:
    Filter your Microsoft Project plan based on any set of fields.

  6. In this example, we're filtering for all tasks assigned to Jeff with a start date between July 1, 2017 and September 30, 2017. You can filter based on any Microsoft Project field, including enterprise custom fields from Project Server and Project Online.
  7. Finish building your report, and you will get a filtered version of your Microsoft Project plan based entirely on the rules you have defined:
    Microsoft Project report filtered in OnePager to show tasks for a given date range.

OnePager is the perfect companion to Microsoft Project because it lets you build an unlimited number of filtered project reports without having to change anything in the Microsoft Project plan itself.

Here are examples of the kinds of filtered project reports OnePager users are building:

  • Only show late tasks
  • Show tasks assigned to a particular person, team, or department
  • Show tasks scheduled to start or finish between certain dates
  • Show tasks of a particular type (e.g. design, testing, etc.)
  • Only show tasks that are on the critical path

Filter your Microsoft Project plan today by downloading a free trial of OnePager Pro.

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