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Gantt Charts from Project Online

The Gantt charts, timelines, and roadmaps that come with Project Online are pretty basic. If you need something better, OnePager Pro will connect directly to your Project Online environment and build Gantt charts from either one or several project plans. A desktop installation of Microsoft Project is not required to use Project Online with OnePager.

Multi-project Gantt chart built with Project Online data.

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OnePager Pro is the only Microsoft-certified Gantt chart and timeline tool that connects directly to Project Online without having to go through Microsoft Project on the desktop. If you need to build Gantt charts out of Project Online, but don't have Microsoft Project installed, OnePager is the answer. Here's how it works:

  1. Double-click the OnePager Pro icon. If you have never used OnePager Pro, download a free trial and try it out.

    Open OnePager to make a Gantt chart.

  2. On the start screen, click the NEW button to build a new Gantt chart from Project Online:

    OnePager Pro makes Gantt charts directly from Project Online.

  3. Tell OnePager that you want to use Project Online instead of desktop Microsoft Project files:

    OnePager connects directly to Project Online without using Microsoft Project.

  4. Securely log into Project Online and pick one or more projects to show in the Gantt chart. To import multiple projects, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the projects that you want to include:

    Securely connect to Project Online from OnePager Pro.

  5. In this example, we will import two separate plans from Project Online. Click Create new Chart to create the multi-project Gantt chart:

    OnePager is about to build a multi-project Gantt chart directly in Project Online.

  6. OnePager imports both Project Online plans, groups tasks from each subproject into its own swimlane, and creates a beautiful Gantt chart like this:

    Gantt chart in Project Online showing multiple projects.

From here, you can add more detail, or refine the layout, colors, or hundreds of other choices to get the perfect Gantt chart from Project Online. When you're ready to share, save it as a PowerPoint or PDF document.

Build a OnePager Gantt chart from Project Online today by downloading a free trial.

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