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Gantt Chart from Project Server

If you use Microsoft Project Server or PWA, you can create Gantt charts in OnePager Pro without having to load anything into Microsoft Project on the desktop.

Gantt chart using Project Server data.

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OnePager Pro is the only Microsoft-certified Gantt chart application that is able to connect directly to your Project Server or PWA environment without having to first go through Microsoft Project on the desktop. OnePager Pro works with Project Server 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. Here's how to build a Gantt chart directly from Project Server:

  1. Start OnePager Pro from your desktop. If you don't have OnePager Pro yet, download a free trial and follow along: Double-click the OnePager Pro Gantt chart icon.
  2. From the start screen, choose NEW to start creating your Gantt chart: OnePager Pro builds Gantt charts from Microsoft Project Server 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.
  3. Tell OnePager that you want to connect directly to Project Server instead of browsing for individual *.mpp files by choosing the option to BROWSE Microsoft Project Online, Project Server, or PWA... OnePager Pro can connect directly to Microsoft Project Server and PWA.
  4. Connect to your Project Server account and select one or more project plans to include in your Gantt chart. If you want to import multiple projects into your Gantt chart, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting projects: Log into Project Server 2016 from OnePager Pro.
  5. In this example, the import wizard confirms that we're about to import three project plans from Project Server. Click the Create new chart button to create a multi-project Gantt chart: OnePager is about to build a multi-project Gantt chart directly from Project Server 2016.
  6. OnePager imports all three Project Server documents, groups each subproject into a swimlane, and builds a Gantt chart like this: Multi-project Gantt chart created from Project Server.

From here, you can customize layout, colors, and hundreds of other options to get the perfect Project Server Gantt charts in minutes. When you're happy, export to PowerPoint, PDF, or a number of other formats to share with your team.

Try a OnePager Gantt chart with Project Server today by downloading a free trial.

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