Gantt Chart Software for Excel

OnePager Express is an easy Gantt chart software package for Microsoft Excel. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create an Excel Gantt chart in just a few minutes.

Gantt chart software like OnePager Express creates reports like these using any Excel spreadsheet.

Building a Gantt chart does not require complicated project management software like Microsoft Project. In fact, it's easy to build a simple one from an Excel spreadsheet using OnePager Express Gantt chart software. If you aren't familiar with OnePager Express or Gantt charts in general, download a 15-day free trial to see how easy it is:

  1. Launch your Excel Gantt chart software by double-clicking the OnePager Express icon on your desktop: Launch icon for OnePager Express Gantt chart software for Excel
  2. From the start screen, click NEW to build start building your Excel Gantt chart: The OnePager Express start menu is the first step to creating an Excel Gantt chart.
  3. Click Select, then Browse to find the Excel spreadsheet(s) that you want to use for your Gantt chart. OnePager Express can build Gantt charts from one or more Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can use a simple Excel spreadsheet for starters, as long as you list each task, the start date, and the finish date like this: OnePager Express builds Excel Gantt charts from one spreadsheets or several.
  4. Name your Gantt chart. You can import everything from Excel, or filter a set of tasks and milestones. In this example, we'll include everything. Set up your Gantt chart in OnePager Express' easy import wizard.
  5. Finally, hit the yellow Create new project view button to pull in your Excel spreadsheet and create the Gantt chart: Excel Gantt chart created in OnePager Express
  6. If your Excel Gantt chart looks good as-is, go to File > Save As to export it to PDF, PowerPoint, or another format for easy sharing. If your Gantt chart needs a little touch-up, OnePager Express offer the most layouts and customizations of any Gantt chart software. OnePager Express Excel Gantt chart exported to PowerPoint.

Try OnePager Express Gantt chart software today by downloading a free trial or attending one of our demonstration webinars.

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