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Gantt Chart Software for Microsoft Project

OnePager Pro is a leading Gantt chart software package for Microsoft Project. Take a quick tour to see how easy it is to create Gantt charts from your existing project plan.

Gantt chart software like OnePager Pro creates reports like these from any Microsoft Project plan.

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Most users of Microsoft Project need to create Gantt charts like the one above from time to time. OnePager Pro is a Microsoft-certified Gantt chart package that works seamlessly with Microsoft Project, Project Server, Project Online, and Project for the web. If you haven't used Gantt chart software before, download a 15-day free trial of OnePager Pro and try it out:

  1. Double-click the OnePager Pro icon on your desktop to launch the Gantt chart software:

    Desktop icon for OnePager Pro Gantt chart software

  2. On the start screen, click the NEW button to build a new Gantt chart:

    OnePager Pro start screen is the first step to building a new Gantt chart.

  3. Click Select, then Browse to choose the Microsoft Project plan(s) that you want to include in your new Gantt chart:

    OnePager Pro can build Gantt charts from one or more Microsoft Project plans.

    This example uses a local Microsoft Project (*.mpp) plan, but you can also import a project from Project Online, Project for the web, or Project Server in a similar manner.

  4. Give your Gantt chart a name and decide if you want to include all tasks, or if you want a smaller Gantt chart with fewer tasks. OnePager Pro lets you use a Microsoft Project flag field to filter the tasks and milestones that appear in your Gantt chart.

    Customize your Gantt chart in OnePager Pro's easy setup wizard.

  5. Click the yellow Create new chart button to import the data from your Microsoft Project plan and create a Gantt chart:

    Gantt chart created in OnePager Pro from Microsoft Project

  6. If you like the way your Gantt chart looks, go to File > Save As to save your Gantt chart to a PowerPoint presentation or PDF. If your Gantt chart needs a little fine-tuning first, OnePager Pro gives you more layouts and customizations than any other Gantt chart software.

    Gantt chart exported to PowerPoint from OnePager Pro.

Try OnePager Pro today by downloading a free trial.

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