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Hourly Gantt Charts in Excel

Create hourly project Gantt charts with Excel and OnePager Express

If your organization manages simple projects in an Excel spreadsheet, you can use the free trial of OnePager Express to build a Gantt chart with details down to the hour, minute, and even second. This article will walk you through how it works.

OnePager Express builds hourly Gantt charts like these using data from a simple Excel spreadsheet:

Hourly Gantt Chart from Excel.

OnePager can also create hourly project timelines from Excel instead of the Gantt chart layout, if that's more of what you need.

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Quick-Start Instructions

Here's how to build an hourly Gantt chart from your Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Download the free trial of OnePager Express and install it before following these instructions.

  2. In the example below, we have a simple project plan in Excel, consisting of a start time and finish time for each task:

    Hourly project plan in Excel.

    If you already have your own spreadsheet that you want to use, just make sure that each line in the spreadsheet has its own Unique ID and that your start and finish times specify BOTH the date and time, just in case your project ends up spanning more than 24 hours.

    If you don't have your own hourly project spreadsheet already, feel free to download ours instead. We've provided links to two sample files that you can save to your desktop or your downloads folder. The Excel file contains the hourly project plan itself, and the *.tat file is the OnePager template that will drive the formatting of the hourly Gantt Chart that you're about to create. Please make sure that you download both of the files below before continuing:

      Hourly Project Plan.xlsx (Excel File)
      Hourly Gantt Chart.tat (OnePager Template)

  1. Open your Excel project plan, go to the Add-Ins tab of Excel, and click the OnePager button:

    OnePager Express Excel Add-In.

  2. When the start screen appears, click NEW to create a new chart.

  3. On the import wizard, select the Hourly Gantt Chart template as your starting point. You can do this by going to Change > BROWSE FILES and then browsing for the template file that you downloaded in the first step:

    Import the custom hourly Gantt chart template.

  4. Click Next > on the import wizard to make sure that the different fields from Excel look like they're going to the right place, and then click Create New Chart to import all of your information from Excel and build a first draft of your hourly Gantt chart.

  5. OnePager will combine the data from your spreadsheet with the settings from the template to give you an hourly Gantt chart that looks like this:
    Hourly Gantt Chart from Excel.

Once you've built your hourly Gantt chart, you can change colors, layouts, and other formatting options before saving it to PowerPoint or PDF to share with the rest of your team. OnePager charts are completely customizable, so if you need help getting your OnePager hourly Gantt chart to look just the way you want it, please reach out to us at [email protected].

OnePager Express is the easiest and most flexible way to build hourly Gantt charts from Excel. Get started today by downloading a free trial, which includes our world-class support if you need it.

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