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Hourly Gantt Chart

How to build a Gantt chart that shows hour-by-hour project details.

Not all projects are long-range. For shorter-duration projects, it's often important to visualize the precise time that tasks are supposed to start and stop, instead of just their due date. OnePager's hourly Gantt chart is the solution to this problem.

OnePager is the leading plan communications application, and connects with either Microsoft Project or Excel to build hourly Gantt charts like this:

Hourly Gantt chart created in OnePager Pro

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If you are an Excel user, please read this article with detailed instructions on how to build an hourly Gantt chart in Excel, instead of the current article which is geared towards Microsoft Project users.

OnePager can also be used to build hourly project timelines, if that's what you are looking to do instead of a Gantt chart.

How it Works

  1. Start with your project plan. In this example, we'll use a Microsoft Project plan, but you can use an Excel spreadsheet if you prefer. This simple plan has five tasks, all scheduled at different times on the same day:
    Microsoft Project plan with tasks scheduled each hour.
  2. We'll import these five tasks by clicking the OnePager Pro button on Microsoft Project's (or Excel's) Add-Ins tab. Not using OnePager yet? You can download a free trial.
    Launch OnePager from Microsoft Project or Excel.
  3. Click the NEW button to build a new Gantt Chart, then pick the "Hourly Gantt Chart" template from the import wizard:
    Templates can be customized to preconfigure an hourly Gantt chart for you.
  4. Click the Create New Chart button at the bottom of the wizard, and your hourly Gantt chart will appear:
    Create your hourly Gantt chart from Project or Excel in just a few clicks.

OnePager is the easiest way to create an hour-by-hour Gantt chart for your project. OnePager works directly with MS Project or Excel, so there isn't a need to try to rebuild your project plan in a different format just to get a pretty picture.

Get started today by downloading a free trial.

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