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JIRA Timeline

Create a timeline of your JIRA projects in OnePager Express.

If you use JIRA to manage project plans, you need a good way to visualize the key tasks and milestones in each of your projects so that you can see how they related to each other. OnePager Express can take the information from your JIRA projects, and create a simple timeline like this:

JIRA timeline created from several projects in OnePager.

OnePager Express takes an Excel export from Atlassian JIRA to create timelines of one or multiple projects. If you don't already have OnePager, download a free trial and follow along with this tutorial.

  1. Start with your portfolio of projects in JIRA. In this example, we have Project A and Project B:
    Multiple projects in Atlassian JIRA.
  2. Next, export your tasks from your JIRA projects into Excel. To do this, go to Issues > Search For Issues:
    Search for issues in JIRA
  3. Set your JIRA filter to decide which tasks, and which projects you want to include in your timeline:
    Select projects and tasks from JIRA.
  4. In the upper-right corner of the JIRA screen, click Download > Export Excel CSV (all fields) to create an Excel export of your selected JIRA project tasks:
    Export from JIRA into Excel.
  5. Open the JIRA Excel export. You'll see a lot of fields in the Excel file that you don't need. For this example, extra fields are hidden so that only the important ones are shown:
    JIRA export from Excel.
  6. Go to Excel's Add-Ins tab and click the OnePager Express button.
    OnePager Express imports data from JIRA.
  7. Click NEW to build a new JIRA project timeline. On the import wizard, give your timeline a name, and click Next >:
    OnePager Express imports data from JIRA.
  8. Decide which fields from JIRA that you want to use in your timeline. Here are some suggestions:
    Different JIRA fields can be mapped into OnePager.

    When you're finished choosing your fields, click Create new project view to get an initial draft of your JIRA timeline.
  9. Initially, we get something like this:
    JIRA milestone chart.
    This is a good start, but we'll want to make a few changes that will make it more useful.
  10. First, we want to group and sort the timeline into swimlanes so that each JIRA project is shown separately. To do this, go to Home > Project View Properties > Rows/Swimlanes and change the swimlane grouping to look at the "Project Name" field from JIRA:
    Group your timeline into swimlanes.
  11. Click OK, and we now have a swimlane for each of our JIRA projects, making the timeline quite a bit easier to read:
    JIRA timeline with swimlanes.
  12. We can further subdivide the timeline so that each assignee within a JIRA project gets his or her own row, with all assigned tasks lined up left-to-right. To do this, go back to Home > Project View Properties > Rows/Swimlanes and choose to collect tasks by Assignee:
    Create a separate line for each assignee in JIRA.
  13. Within each JIRA project, we have a separate line for each assignee, making it very easy to see who is doing what for each project:
    Timelines for each assignee in JIRA
  14. Finally, we'll use OnePager's conditional formatting to assign different colors and shapes to each milestone based on its status. Go to Home > Project View Properties > Milestones and click on the Manage Rules button:
    Assign different colors and shapes to the tasks on your JIRA timeline.
    Here, we assign green, yellow, and red colors based on the priority of each milestone. For milestones that are already completed, we assign both a blue color and a checkmark symbol, so it's easy to spot milestones that have been finished.
  15. Click OK and your JIRA timeline will now reflect these more informative colors and shapes:
    JIRA timeline created from several projects in OnePager.

Whether you need to report on one JIRA project, or a portfolio of multiple projects, OnePager makes it easy to show just the right amount of information in a user-friendly, easy-to-consume format.

Build your JIRA project timeline today by downloading a free trial of OnePager Express.

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