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Key Event Map (KEM) from Smartsheet

Create a key event map (KEM) in OnePager using your Smartsheet project

If you use Smartsheet to manage your projects, OnePager can help you highlight the most important project milestones using a key event map.

Key Event Map (KEM) created in OnePager from a Smartsheet project 15-Day
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OnePager is project timeline and Gantt chart software that can import projects from Smartsheet. Once you have imported your Smartsheet project into OnePager, you can create a key event map, which is sometimes abbreviated as KEM. If you don't already use OnePager, you can download a 15-day trial and follow along with the instructions below to see how it works:

  1. Start with your Smartsheet project. Our example project consists of four phases, each with four key milestones. Each key milestone also has a status of either Complete, In Progress, or Not Started:

    Smartsheet project with phases, milestones, and statuses

  2. If your Smartsheet project is relatively small like this example, you can import the entire sheet into OnePager. However, if your Smartsheet project is larger, you can use a checkbox field to decide which rows to include and which to exclude:

    Smartsheet checkbox fields can help filter which rows appear in your KEM.

  3. Now, it's time to launch OnePager, which you can do from your desktop:

    Launch OnePager from your desktop.

  4. When the OnePager start screen appears, click on New to start building a new KEM from Smartsheet:

    OnePager start screen.

  5. On the import wizard, choose Select > BROWSE Smartsheet:

    Browse Smartsheet projects.

    If this is your first time using OnePager, Smartsheet will ask you to confirm your credentials and authorize OnePager to securely import your Smartsheet project.

  6. Once OnePager is logged into Smartsheet, you'll see a list of all of your available projects. Select the one that you'd like to use as the basis for your KEM:

    List of Smartsheet projects available for import into a OnePager KEM.

  7. After selecting the correct project from Smartsheet, change your template in OnePager to Birds on a Wire Chart for Smartsheet by using the Change > BROWSE Files option. This template is pre-configured to build a KEM out of the box with very little modification required:

    Birds on a wire template for Smartsheet.

  8. If you set up a checkbox field back in Smartsheet, you can select it as OnePager's import filter here:

    OnePager KEMs can filter rows based on a checkbox column in Smartsheet.

    In our case, because our project is so small, we'll choose to import all rows from Smartsheet and not apply any filters.

  9. Click Next, and then Create New Chart. OnePager will import your tasks and milestones from Smartsheet, creating a key event map that initially looks like this:

    KEM imported into OnePager from Smartsheet

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Adding Conditional Formatting

Once you have created a KEM in OnePager from Smartsheet, you can use OnePager's conditional formatting to assign colors and shapes for each milestone in your report. Conditional formatting will work with any Smartsheet field, including custom fields. In this example, we'll set up conditional formatting rules that assign shapes to each family of milestones, and simultaneously assign colors based on the status of those same milestones.

  1. In OnePager, go to Home > Chart Properties > Milestones, and click on the Manage Rules button to set up conditional formatting:

    Launch OnePager's conditional formatting rules engine to apply different colors and shapes to Smartsheet projects.

    Here, the first four rules assign a custom milestone shape for each family of milestones. For example, any milestone named "M1" will automatically display as a triangle. The next three rules look at the Status field from Smartsheet, assigning a distinct color based on whether a milestone is in progress, complete, or not started. Finally, we have a rule that turns phase-level summary tasks a more neutral gray color and eliminates the text, since phase names already display in the swimlanes.

  2. Click OK twice, and OnePager will implement your conditional formatting rules and update your KEM to reflect how the rules apply to your Smartsheet project:

    KEM with conditional formatting applied to a Smartsheet project.

    Notice that milestones have taken on different shapes and colors based on the conditional formatting rules.

Customizing Milestone Text

With conditional formatting complete, we can now turn our attention to customizing the text that appears to next milestone. In this example, we'll show you how to reposition the milestone names, and then add the date for each key event to the KEM.

  1. Return to Home > Chart Properties > Milestones, and click on the Milestone Label Properties button. Here, we will tell OnePager to always position the milestone name above the milestone itself instead of in a staggered fashion as it is currently:

    Reposition milestone text on the KEM.

  2. With the milestone names out of the way, we can now add a second piece of text to display the milestone date. Check the box for Date Labels and then click on the Date Label Properties button.

    Customize milestone date display for the Smartsheet KEM.

  3. Here, we can position the date labels below the milestones so that they don't interfere with the milestone names. This is also a good opportunity to select a font and date format, if desired:

    Change the position, font, and date format of milestone dates in a Smartsheet KEM.

  4. Apply these changes, and OnePager will update your KEM to look like this

    Key Event Map (KEM) created in OnePager from a Smartsheet project plan.

OnePager gives you a fast and accurate way to create great looking, data-driven KEMs from Smartsheet. Try it with your own Smartsheet projects today by downloading a free trial.

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