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Microsoft Project Server Gantt Charts

Using OnePager Live to make a Gantt chart from Project Server

Microsoft Project Server is a great tool for managing projects, but it’s not so great at project reports. If you’re using Microsoft Project Server for project management, but also need to communicate project status with stakeholders who are not Project users, the OnePager Live web app can help you make beautiful Gantt charts that are easy to update and easy to share.

In this article, we’ll walk through how you can use OnePager Live to create a Gantt chart from multiple project plans stored on Microsoft Project Server.

  1. First, open your project plans in Microsoft Project Server – either from the web or from a desktop installation of Microsoft Project.
  2. Because your stakeholders can only digest so much information in a single Gantt chart, you’ll want to be selective about what tasks from your different plans you display. Do this by inserting a Flag field into each of your Microsoft Project Server plans. In this example we’ve used Flag20, but you can use any field you like (as long as it is the same Flag field in each of your files). In the Flag field, put a Yes beside each task you want displayed on your Gantt chart.
  3. Microsoft Project file with a Flag field displaying.
  4. Now, open your web browser, navigate to the OnePager Live website, and login. Don’t have OnePager Live yet? Sign up for free to learn more.
  5. From the Start screen, choose New.
  6. OnePager Live Start screen.
  7. Give your project view (Gantt chart) a name. In this example, we'll call it "Project Portfolio - Tasks by Project".
  8. In the Project Plan(s) section, choose the second option: Microsoft Project Server Plan(s). When you select this option, OnePager Live will log into your instance of Microsoft Project Server and download your list of available project plans. Click the dropdown menu, and choose one or more Microsoft Project Server plans to include in your Gantt chart.
  9. Choose the Microsoft Project Server plans from which tasks will be displayed.
  10. From the Template dropdown list, choose the preloaded template called Multi-Project Gantt Chart - Detailed. This template has a set of pre-configured settings that make it easy for you to build multi-project timelines. You can always change these settings later.
  11. Specify the Flag field you will be using to indicate which tasks you want to pull in to your OnePager project view. In this example, we’ll use Flag20.
  12. Select your OnePager Live template and Flag field.
  13. Specify a Snapshot date for your Gantt chart to represent the "as-of date" of your project view.
  14. Click Create new project view. OnePager will import your selected tasks and milestones from Project Server and create a multi-project timeline that looks like this:
  15. Multi-project Gantt chart from Project Server, made using the OnePager Live web app.

That’s all! Now you can modify your Gantt chart, share it to PowerPoint or an image file, or save it so another member of your group can login and make her own edits.

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