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Creating Microsoft Project Templates using OnePager Pro

How to create a template of a Microsoft Project Gantt chart for use with other projects

Templates are useful for recreating a format that was used before and is anticipated to be used frequently again and again.

Project presentation template built in OnePager Pro, an add-in to Microsoft Project

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OnePager Pro lets you take any Microsoft Project file, and create a repeatable Gantt chart presentation format that you can standardize across your entire PMO.

This is done with OnePager Pro’s template feature which allows you to establish a common presentation format for one or multiple Microsoft Project files. Don't have OnePager Pro yet? You can download a 15-day free trial to see how it works.

  1. The steps for creating a presentation template with OnePager Pro are very easy. But, first you need to establish the form, format, and content for your Microsoft Project file as these data are input to OnePager Pro. So, to provide an example, take the portion of the Microsoft Project file shown below:
    Sample MS Project file Note that the “Flag20” field is set to “yes” which means that OnePager Pro will import a subset of tasks for your Gantt chart.
  2. Next, create a OnePager Pro chart of the Microsoft Project file by double-clicking the OnePager Pro icon on your desktop. From the Start screen that appears, choose New, and choose your Microsoft Project plan as the source file for your OnePager Gantt chart. You'll launch a wizard, which will help you create your first Gantt chart:
    Redesigned OnePager Pro import wizard.
  3. Clicking on the Create new chart button will create your first chart:
    Initial project view created in OnePager Pro This is the out-of-the-box chart that OnePager Pro creates with no embellishments.
  4. To add more structure, form, and focus to the chart you can use the Chart Properties menu to create a preferred look to your new chart. To do this, click on the Chart Properties button on the OnePager Pro tool bar and go to the Rows & Swimlanes tab first as shown below:
    Redesigned OnePager Pro rows/swimlanes tab. Configure your swimlanes to group by "Level 1 Summary Name", the top-level outline in Microsoft Project.
  5. We can also change how the tasks are color-coded by changing the Microsoft Project column used for color on the Task Bars tab:
    Redesigned OnePager Pro task bars tab.
  6. When the fine-tuning is complete in the Chart Properties menu as shown above, simply click on the OK button and the chart will be formatted to the view below:
    Project presentation template built in OnePager Pro, an add-in to Microsoft Project Note that the modified chart has swimlanes and color-coding that make the project easier to understand.
  7. When you are satisfied that the chart created can serve as a basis for future projects, you are ready to take your work and build a template that can be accessed later. To create the template, go to the Home tab and click the Save as Template button, as shown below:
    How to make a project status report template for PPT using OnePager Pro You will be prompted to save your new template as a .tat file in your file system:
    Saving your OnePager Pro template in your file system.
  8. You can access the template you just created the next time you create a new chart. Simply click the Change button in the Starting Template section below to select your template:
    OnePager Pro template choice dropdown menu When you create a new chart using a custom template, OnePager Pro will use the settings from your previous Gantt chart as a template to create an new view of a different project. Because both the original and the new views are derived from the same template, they will share a common style, and will be easy to compare or present side-by-side. Templates can be shared with other OnePager Pro users if you want to create a standard style across your organization.

    This article discussed how to create a template in OnePager Pro to support standardized views of Microsoft Project plans. OnePager Pro has the capability to create focused, concise, and informative templates for charts that can support your schedule conversation and presentation needs.

    Using OnePager Pro will allow you to create dynamic, informative project presentations with the click of a button, and it eliminates the need to rebuild your presentation by hand every time your project schedule changes.

    Get started today by downloading a free trial or attending one of our demonstration webinars.

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