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Multi-Project Reports Using OnePager Pro and Microsoft Project

How to create a multi-project report that combines several Microsoft Project Plans on a single page

If your organization manages multiple projects, your project reports need to be able to show all projects at a high level in a single document. OnePager Pro, the timeline app for Microsoft Project, makes it easy to combine multiple projects into a single high-level timeline or Gantt chart.

OnePager Pro creates multi-project reports like these with just a few button clicks:

Multi-Project Gantt Chart

Multi-project report created in OnePager Pro for Microsoft Project.

Multi-Project Timeline

Multi-project timeline.

Here's how to build a multi-project report:

  1. In the example below, we have three sample projects. We will use "Flag 1" to select high-level summary tasks from each of the three subprojects before we create our multi-project report in OnePager Pro:

    Multiple Microsoft Project plans before import into OnePager Pro.

    This example uses an integrated master schedule which is a common way to combine multiple Microsoft Project plans together. However, OnePager Pro does not require an integrated master schedule to create a multi-project report. If you prefer to create your report without the use of an IMS, please read Multi-Project Gantt Chart instead for a slightly different set of instructions on how to import multiple Microsoft Project files into a single Gantt chart.

  2. Click on the OnePager Pro button on the Microsoft Project Add-ins tab to begin building your multi-project report:

    OnePager Add-In for Multi-project timelines

  3. From the Start screen, choose New, and the import wizard will appear:

    Import multiple Microsoft Project plans into OnePager Pro.

    The wizard allows you to specify the name of your multi-project report, and choose which flag ("Flag1") you want to use to filter your schedule. Here, we have selected the Multi-Project Gantt Chart - Detailed template to drive the initial settings of our chart, as it is specifically designed for IMS reporting.

  4. Click the Create new chart button to import all of your projects into a multi-project report:

    Multi-project report created in OnePager Pro from several Microsoft Project plans.

    This multi-project report has automatically grouped each subproject into its own swimlane and assigned a unique color for better readability. If you like the way the report looks, you can copy and paste it into PowerPoint, or you can use OnePager Pro's flexible report editor to fine-tune the look and feel before sharing the report with your team.

  5. Looking for more of a timeline instead of a Gantt chart? OnePager makes switching layouts easy. Just go to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes. Notice that the layout is currently set to Gantt Chart:

    Switch from a multi-project Gantt chart to a multi-project timeline.

  6. Switch from a Gantt chart to a timeline layout by choosing the Timeline option and telling OnePager to Align tasks on the "Project Name". This will create a separate timeline for each subproject in your IMS:

    Multi-project timeline settings.

  7. Now click OK, and OnePager will switch your multi-project report from a Gantt chart to a timeline layout:

    Multi-project timeline.

OnePager Pro is used by PMOs worldwide to create multi-project reports. Get started today by downloading a free trial, which includes OnePager's world-class technical support.

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