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New Product Development Plan

How to create an NPD plan in Microsoft Project and OnePager

When planning a new product, product managers need to keep track of all of the different milestones and deliverables in a way that makes it easy to communicate with suppliers, distributors, and management. If your product development plan is being tracked in Microsoft Project, then OnePager Pro can help you summarize and share your product development plan, even if your collaborators aren't Microsoft Project users.

High-Level New Product Development Plan 15-Day
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This article will show you how to create a two lean product development plans in OnePager Pro: one detailed and the other high-level. Don't have OnePager Pro yet? Download a 15-day trial and follow along.

Excel User? If your product development plan is in Excel instead of Microsoft Project, please follow these instructions to create an Excel product development plan instead.

  1. Open your Microsoft Project file. In the example below, you will notice that the project is broken into the standard product development phases. There is also a "Flag 20" column, which allows you to select which tasks and milestones you want to import into OnePager Pro. The first plan we create will show lots of detail, so we'll flag most of the key aspects of the plan:
    New product development plan created in Microsoft Project.
  2. Double-click the OnePager Pro icon on your desktop. When the Start screen comes up, click New. Choose your new product development plan from Microsoft Project, and the following wizard will appear:
    The easy, newly redesigned import wizard takes the Microsoft Project schedule and imports it into OnePager Pro.
  3. We'll start out by using "Flag20" to select a more detailed view of the product development plan. Click Create new Chart to build your first report:
    New product development plan created in OnePager Pro.

    In this detailed example, each major phase of the product development plan gets its own swimlane so that related tasks are grouped together. We've also color-coded by functional area so that each team has a unique color to identify its tasks.

  4. Now, let's say that we want to build a higher-level new product development plan that focuses on the major phases without as much detail. To do this, use a different flag (e.g. "Flag1") to select phase-level information from Microsoft Project:
    Filter only the phase-level items in Microsoft Project.
  5. Now, launch OnePager, and choose "Flag1" as the filter instead of "Flag20":
    Select a different filter for your summary-level product development plan.
  6. Click Create New Chart again to build the second product development plan, at a summary level:
    New Product Development Plan Summary

OnePager Pro is the easiest way to summarize or present a lean new product development plan. OnePager Pro is flexible, easy to use, and creates presentations that are easy for anyone to understand.

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