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Plan on a Page (POAP)

Whether you have a short, simple project plan or something more complex, project managers often have to create a high-level plan on a page to share with executives and other stakeholders.

Plan on a page from Microsoft Project.

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OnePager Pro for Microsoft Project is the leading project reporting application and is the easiest way to create a plan on a page from one or several Microsoft Project plans. In the example below, we will create a plan on a page from one simple Microsoft Project plan. If you have a more complex project plan, or even multiple project plans, OnePager can still create a plan on a page for you. Here's how:

  1. Open your Microsoft Project plan(s), go to the Add-ins tab, and click the OnePager button. If you don't have OnePager Pro yet, download a free demo license and follow along. OnePager Pro is an add-in for Microsoft Project.
  2. From the start screen, choose NEW to start creating your plan on a page: Click NEW to build a new plan on a page.
  3. Decide which tasks from your Microsoft Project file you want to incude in your plan on a page. In this case, we'll set up a custom filter: Filter your Microsoft Project data before creating a plan on a page.
  4. We will select all non-summary tasks that are scheduled to start after 1 April, 2020: Custom rules let you decide which tasks in include in your plan on a page.
  5. Click Create new Chart. OnePager will import your selected tasks from Microsoft Project and create your plan on a page: Simple plan on a page created from Microsoft Project.

The example above is simple, and is intended to give you a very basic idea of how OnePager can create a plan on a page (POAP) from Microsoft Project. Here are some other things you can do with OnePager:

  • Import multiple project plans.
  • Group and sort your plan into swimlanes.
  • Colour-code your plan based on any Microsoft Project field, using conditional formatting.
  • Display additional project information such as status, cost, and resource information.
  • Quickly update your plan on a page as your Microsoft Project data changes over time.

Build a OnePager plan on a page today by downloading a free trial.

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