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Planisware Timelines

Using OnePager to build a timeline of your Planisware project portfolio.

If you use Planisware for project and portfolio management (PPM) or for new product development (NPD), you know the importance of being able to visualize all of your projects in a simple, standard view. OnePager makes that possible, by importing your data from Planisware and giving you the ability to build and customize a timeline for your team.

OnePager timelines from Planisware are easy to build and easy to understand:
Planisware Timeline

Here's how to connect Planisware with OnePager:

  1. To get started, log into Planisware and open your portfolio of projects:
    Planisware Project Portfolio
  2. Next, export from Planisware to either Excel or Microsoft Project. OnePager can read data from either Microsoft Project or Excel, so you can choose either format. Planisware lets you decide which tasks and which fields are included in your export, so this is something you can customize prior to building your timeline.

    In this example, we'll do a simple export from Planisware to Excel:
    Planisware Export to Excel

  3. Launch OnePager, either as an add-in to Excel or Project, or using the OnePager desktop icon:
    Launch OnePager
  4. Click NEW to begin building your timeline from your Planisware export:
    OnePager Start Screen
  5. In the import wizard, give your timeline a name, and pick a template to define your formatting and layout:
    OnePager Planisware Timeline Creation Wizard
  6. Click Next and confirm that OnePager has correctly mapped your fields from Planisware the way you want:
    OnePager Planisware Field Mapping
  7. Click the Create new project view button, and OnePager will build your timeline based on your Planisware data:
    Timeline created in OnePager using data from Planisware

Need help customizing your timeline or exporting your data from Planisware? We'll be happy to help you get started, so just ask!

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