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Portfolio Budget Report

Display the monthly budget for each phase of your projects

With OnePager, you can import financial data about your project plan and create a timeline that tracks the budget vs. actual cost month-by-month for multiple projects in your portfolio.

If you manage multiple projects and track budgets on a monthly basis, it's good to be able to visualize how each project is doing, and whether you've stayed within your budget or gone above it. OnePager lets you create Portfolio Budget Reports like this based on a very simple Excel spreadsheet:

Portfolio Budget Report

To build a portfolio budget report of your own, download a free trial of OnePager Express, and then follow these steps:

  1. Start with a spreadsheet that lists the different tasks for each initiative month-by-month and tracks their budget vs. actual cost:

    Spreadsheet that tracks initiatives, tasks, budget, and actual cost.

    If you don't already have a spreadsheet to track this information, feel free to download ours and change the values to match your own initiatives:

    Portfolio Budget Report.xlsx

  2. To start building your portfolio budget report in OnePager, go to the Add-Ins tab in Excel and click the OnePager Express button:

    OnePager Express Excel Add-In

  3. When the Start screen appears, click the NEW Project View button.
  4. On the import wizard, click Change to change your Starting Template to "Portfolio Budget Report". If you don't already have this template, you can download it below.

    OnePager Express source file selection.

    Portfolio Budget Report.tat (OnePager Express Template)

    This OnePager template is preconfigured to build a report like the one at the top of this article. To use it, download it to your desktop, and then go to Change > BROWSE FILES to select it before building your report.

  5. Click Next, quickly confirm that the fields from Excel look reasonable, and then click Create New Project View. OnePager will import the data from the Excel file, pair it with the settings from the OnePager template in the previous step, and give you a report that looks like this, right out of the box:

    Portfolio Budget Report

This portfolio budget report features:

  • Grouping of each initiative (project) into its own swimlane
  • Alignment of all monthly budgets for a given task left-to-right in a single row
  • Color-coding of budget status where on-budget is green and over-budget is red. Tasks that haven't started yet remain gray until their time has passed.
  • Conditional display of the budget or actual cost number for each month that a task is active.

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