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Primavera P6 Multi-Project Timeline

Create a timeline of multiple Primavera P6 projects in OnePager Express.

If you need a way to visualize multiple projects from Primavera P6, OnePager Express gives you an easy way to create a timeline that looks like this:

Timeline of multiple Primavera P6 projects created in OnePager.

OnePager Express takes an Excel export from Primavera P6 to create timelines of multiple projects. If you don't already have OnePager, download a free trial and follow along with this tutorial.

  1. Start with your portfolio of projects in Primavera P6. In this example, we have Project A and Project B:
    Multiple projects in Primavera P6
  2. Next, export your Primavera P6 project plans to Excel. To do this, go to File > Export and choose the Spreadsheet - (XLSX) option. Click Next.
  3. For your Export Type, choose Activities and click Next. Select both projects to export and click Next again:
    Export multiple projects from Primavera P6
  4. If you already have an Excel export template in P6, use it. If not, you can set up a custom OnePager template. We recommend exporting the following fields from Primavera P6:
    Export fields from P6 into Excel for use with OnePager.
  5. Finish your export from Primavera P6 to Excel. P6 should create a separate Excel file for each project plan that you've chosen to export.
  6. OPTIONAL: When Primavera P6 exports data to Excel, it gives you two sets of column headings. The first row is a system-generated name, while the second row is a more user-friendly name. You can use either, but for better readability, we recommend deleting the first row so that the user-friendly names move to the top. We'll do this for BOTH Excel files:
    Delete the first row from your P6 export.
  7. To start building your multi-project timeline with OnePager, double-click the OnePager Express icon on your desktop:
    OnePager Express imports P6 data via Excel.
  8. On the start screen click NEW to build a new timeline:
    Create a multi-project timeline from Primavera P6
  9. On the import wizard, click Select and then Browse Files to the folder that contains your exports from Primavera P6.
    Browse to the folder that contains your P6 exports.
  10. Add your first project plan, then click Add/Remove to add the rest of your project plans. Once all of your plans have been added, click OK
    Import multiple Primavera P6 exports into OnePager.
  11. Give your timeline a name, select one of OnePager's multi-project templates, and then click Next:
    Use a multi-project template
  12. Double-check to make sure that OnePager has mapped the correct fields from P6 into your timeline. Once this looks good, click on Create new Project View
    Map Primavera P6 fields into a OnePager timeline.
  13. OnePager will import your projects from the two Excel files and create an initial report. We'll want to make a few customizations to get it to look the way we want.
  14. To group and sort your timeline into swimlanes by project name, go to Home > Project View Properties > Rows/Swimlanes and change your swimlane settings to group by the "Project Name" field from Primavera P6:
    Group your timeline into swimlanes based on Project Name from Primavera P6.
  15. This will give you a project-by-project Gantt chart, which is close, but not quite the timeline we're going for:
    Gantt chart with multiple projects.
  16. To convert your report from a Gantt Chart into a timeline, go back to Home > Project View Properties > Rows/Swimlanes. Instead of making One Row Per Task, choose to Collect tasks into rows by the "WBS Name" field from Primavera P6. This will line tasks up left-to-right when they have the same location in your WBS:
    Create a timeline based on the WBS Name field from Primavera P6.
  17. When you line multiple tasks up left-to-right based on the WBS Name, you also want to adjust your task labels so that they're easier to read. Do this under Home > Project View Properties > Task Bars > Task Bar Label Properties. Tell OnePager that task labels should Fit in Task Bar:
    Make your timeline more readable by repositioning the task names.
  18. Now, click OK until you are back in the chart. Your timeline should now look like this:
    Timeline of multiple Primavera P6 projects created in OnePager.

From here, you can customize lots of other aspects of your timeline, including color, layout, timescale, and much more. You can even add more projects from your P6 environment if you need to expand your portfolio from two projects to three or more projects. There is no limit!

Get started today by downloading a free trial or attending one of our demonstration webinars.

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