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Project for the web Multi-Project Gantt Chart

Import multiple Project for the web (P4W) projects into a Gantt chart

If you use Microsoft's Project for the web (P4W) to manage several project plans, you sometimes need to create a combined Gantt chart that reports on multiple projects at once:

Project for the web Multi-Project Gantt Chart created in OnePager Pro. 15-Day
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OnePager connects directly to Project for the web and imports the tasks and milestones from multiple projects all at the same time. If your team manages a portfolio of projects in P4W, here's how to create a multi-project Gantt Chart to easily summarize everything:

  1. Before importing from P4W into OnePager, let's take a quick look at the projects that we have available. In this example, we want to make a Gantt chart that combines Project A, Project B, and Project C.

    List of projects in Project for the web

  2. Here's what Project A looks like. Notice that it has a mixture of parent and child tasks.

    Microsoft project for the web plan

  3. Now, go to your desktop or Windows Start menu, and launch OnePager:

    Launch OnePager from your desktop.

  4. On the OnePager start screen, choose New to start building a new multi-project Gantt chart from Project for the web:

    OnePager start screen.

  5. On the import wizard, choose Select > BROWSE Project for the web:

    Browse Project for the web (P4w) projects from OnePager.

  6. OnePager will ask you to connect to Project for the web. Find your P4W URL by following these instructions, and then enter your username and password when prompted.

  7. Once connected to Project for the web, select all of the projects that you want to display in your Gantt chart. You can select multiple projects by holding down the Ctrl key. Once you have selected all of the projects from Project for the web, click OK:

    Import multiple Project for the web projects into OnePager.

  8. Once you've selected all of the projects that you need, you can decide which tasks and milestones you want to include in your Gantt chart. If you want to select tasks one-by-one, choose the Select individual tasks to import option. In this case, we only want to bring in child tasks, so will choose the Select tasks by custom filter option and then write a rule to find all of the non-summary tasks:

    Select tasks individually from Project for the web, or write a rule to filter tasks automatically.

    Above, we are using OnePager's Multi-Project Gantt Chart - Detailed template, which is specifically built for multi-project Gantt charts from Project for the web.

  9. Here, we've set up a filter that looks at the Outline Level back in Project for the web. Tasks at outline level 1 are summary tasks, and those with higher outline levels are child tasks, so we can easily create a Gantt chart at the detail level by creating this type of filter:

    Filter for tasks based on their position in the WBS of Project for the web

    If you want to do the opposite, and only display summary tasks instead of child tasks, change your rule from "Outline Level > 1" to "Outline Level = 1".

  10. Click OK to apply the filter. When you get back to the import wizard, click on Create new Chart. OnePager will import your projects and create a Gantt chart that looks something like this:

    Multi-Project Gantt chart from Project for the web

    In this example, we've chosen to group our swimlanes by the Project Name, color-code by the name of each phase, and made a few other cosmetic changes. These are easy to do by going to Home > Chart Properties once you've built the initial draft of your Gantt chart.

  11. Since the swimlanes in our Gantt chart are currently looking at the projects, we might want to further divide the chart by adding a sub-swimlane that groups on the summary tasks of each individual project. To do this, go to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes. Enable the Left #2 sub-swimlane, and map it to the Level 1 Summary Name which is the top-level summary task of each project:

    Add a sub-swimlane that groups based on the WBS in Project for the web

  12. Now click OK, and OnePager will add the child swimlane, making it easier to see the phases of each project in the Gantt chart:

    Multi-project Gantt chart imported from Project for the web featuring a primary swimlane based on the subproject and a secondary swimlane based on the project WBS.

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