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Project Portfolio Budget Report

How to create a Gantt chart for multiple projects in a portfolio and show which ones are over-budget and under-budget.

If you have multiple projects, you need a quick and easy way to see which projects in your portfolio are meeting their financial targets, and which ones are over-budget. OnePager Express can create a Gantt chart for all of your projects, plus high-level budget information.

Project Portfolio Budget Report

Download a free trial and follow these steps to get started:

  1. Start with a simple Excel spreadsheet that lists all of the projects in your portfolio. This spreadsheet shows the dates, budget, and actual cost for each project:
    Excel spreadsheet showing the budget for each project in a portfolio.
  2. Launch OnePager Express. Don't have OnePager? You can download a free trial.
    OnePager Express: Easy Gantt charts from Excel.
  3. Click NEW to build a new project/portfolio report:
    OnePager Express for Excel
  4. Give your report a name, click Next, and then Create New Project View to get a first draft of your project portfolio budget report.
  5. Now, we want to add some of the budget vs. cost information from the spreadsheet into the Gantt chart. To do this, go to Home > Project View Properties > Rows/Swimlanes, and click on the Text Column Properties button. We'll set up one column for the budget and a second column for the actual cost:
    Show budget vs. actual cost information in your Gantt chart.
  6. With the budget vs. actual cost information now clearly showing in the Gantt chart, we now want things to stand out when they are over budget. To do this, we'll use conditional formatting. Go to Home > Project View Properties > Task Bars > Manage Rules. When projects are over budget, we'll color them red. When projects are on-budget, we'll color them green:
    Projects that are over-budget will be colored red with conditional formatting.
  7. Click OK to apply these settings, and you'll get a multi-project budget status report like this:
    A Gantt chart showing multiple projects in a portfolio and their planned vs. actual budget information.

Once you've built your budget report, it's easy to update each week or each month and your projects and your budgets change. No need to re-build the report from scratch; OnePager can import fresh data from Excel into an existing report, making tracking and updating your portfolio of projects very easy!

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