Project Server Portfolio Timeline

Create a portfolio timeline of multiple Microsoft Project Server plans in OnePager Pro.

If your organization uses Microsoft Project Server to manage its portfolio, you can use OnePager Pro to build a timeline of multiple projects without having to link them together in a master project file.

OnePager Pro is a portfolio reporting tool for Microsoft Project Server. It makes it easy to build multi-project timelines directly from Project Server without having to do any linking ahead of time in Microsoft Project. If you don't have OnePager Pro yet, please download a free trial.

OnePager Pro creates multi-project timelines from Microsoft Project Server in just a few seconds. Whether you have only a few subprojects or hundreds, OnePager will connect to Project Server and allow you to build the timeline you need without the headache:
Timeline built from Project Server in OnePager Pro.

Here's how OnePager builds your timeline from Project Server:

  1. Click the OnePager icon on your desktop or Start menu. If you have Microsoft Project installed locally, you can also launch OnePager Pro as an MS Project add-in, but it's not required.
    OnePager works with Microsoft Project Server.
  2. Click the NEW button to start building your portfolio timeline:
    Create a timeline from Project Server in OnePager.
  3. The import wizard will appear. Click Select and then BROWSE Project Server... to start grabbing your Project Server plans.
    OnePager can securely connect to your Project Server environment.
  4. Connect to Project Server using OnePager's encrypted connection. Hold down the Ctrl key to select as many Project Server plans as you'd like. We'll grab three subprojects in this example, but there is no limit to the number of plans you can use.
    Your connection to Project Server is secure when you use OnePager.
  5. Answer a few other questions about how you would like your timeline to look, and then click the Create new project view button:
    Import as many Project Server sub-projects as you want to include in your portfolio timeline.
  6. OnePager will connect to Project Server, import all of your project plans, and build a multi-project timeline across your entire portfolio like this:
    Timeline built from Project Server in OnePager Pro.

OnePager lets you group and sort, color-code, and completely customize your timeline to fit your team's requirements. When you're ready, save it to PDF or PowerPoint, and instantly refresh it whenever you make changes to any of the subprojects in Project Server.

Get started today by downloading a free trial or attending one of our demonstration webinars.

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