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Building Timelines from Microsoft Project Server

How to build a Microsoft Project Server timeline using OnePager Pro, the project reporting app.

OnePager Pro will connect to your Project Server account to build timelines in a matter of minutes.

This article shows you how to use the OnePager Pro project reporting app with Microsoft Project Server (or Project Online) to build a project timeline report:

Easy multi-project timeline created using the OnePager Pro web app.

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  1. Connect to Microsoft Project Server and open the project plan (or plans) that you want to use for your timeline. Using a flag field like "Flag 20" or any enterprise custom field, select the tasks and milestones that you want to include:

    Microsoft Project Server plan

  2. Launch OnePager Pro. Don’t have a OnePager Pro account yet? Sign up for free.

  3. Once you're in, choose New from the Start screen:

    OnePager Pro Start screen.

  4. If you want your timeline to include multiple projects from Project Server, click on Add/Remove and then Add > BROWSE Microsoft Project Online, Project Server, or PWA:

    OnePager Pro will connect to Project Server.

  5. OnePager will provide you with a list of all of the plans in your Project Server account. You can use the Ctrl key to select additional plans, and then click OK to add them to your timeline:

    Import multiple Project Server plans into your timeline.

  6. From the Starting Template selector, go to Change > BROWSE FILES and choose the template called Multi-Project Timeline. This template contains most of the settings you need to build a timeline from Project Server. Of course, you can always make adjustments to the formatting of your timeline later once you've built it.

    Select a template for a multi-project timeline.

  7. Click Create new Chart. OnePager Pro will import your tasks and milestones from Microsoft Project Server, and create a timeline for all selected projects. In this case, we imported three plans from Project Server, and created a separate timeline for each phase:

    Easy multi-project timeline created using the OnePager Pro web app.

Using OnePager Pro to create a timeline from Microsoft Project Server is pretty easy. If what you get out of the box isn't perfect, don't worry. OnePager Pro gives you complete PowerPoint-like editing controls so that you can fine-tune how your timeline looks before you send it out for review.

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