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Putting Together a PowerPoint Timeline Schedule from Microsoft Project

How OnePager Pro helped me create an accurate project PowerPoint timeline in just minutes

Kevin Carrell, Project Manager

Before I started using the OnePager Pro add-in to MS Project, I prepared timeline slides for presentations like most of you did: a screenshot out of Microsoft Project pasted into PowerPoint.

PowerPoint timeline graphic created from Microsoft Project using the OnePager Pro Project add-in

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That changed when I discovered OnePager Pro, and started using it to create periodic schedule Gantt charts for my bi-weekly project presentations. And, from time to time, OnePager came in handy when I needed to create a special timeline for PowerPoint.

One day, my boss called me in a panic and asked for a PowerPoint timeline in the next 3 minutes. OnePager Pro really saved me! Here's how I built a timeline for PowerPoint in under 3 minutes:

  1. I’m a OnePager Pro user. That means all my Microsoft Project files contain a flag field that OnePager uses to create charts. That means I know what will be shown on the PowerPoint timeline when OnePager Pro has finished its magic.
  2. In response to my boss’ frantic call, I pulled up my file, flagged a few tasks that I wanted to include in my timeline for PowerPoint, and clicked the OnePager Pro button on the Microsoft Project tool bar.
    Sample MS Project file
  3. When I clicked the OnePager Pro button in Microsoft Project, I chose New from the Start screen, and the easy import wizard appeared:
    The redesigned OnePager Pro import wizard
  4. I just typed in the name I wanted on the PowerPoint timeline slide and clicked the Create new chart button. Within seconds, I got this Gantt chart:
    PowerPoint timeline graphic created from Microsoft Project using the OnePager Pro Project add-in
  5. And this was just what I needed. I just clicked the Copy button on the OnePager Pro Home toolbar:
    Copy your OnePager Pro chart to the clipboard
  6. After launching PowerPoint, I pasted my OnePager Pro chart and I was good to go!
    Timeline in PowerPoint made with OnePager Pro, an MS Project add-in

With OnePager Pro, I was able to create a project timeline in PowerPoint for my boss in minutes instead of hours. Now my boss only wants to see PowerPoint timeline graphics made in OnePager Pro, because they're easier to read, and don't take all day to create!

I highly recommend OnePager Pro for all project managers who use Microsoft Project.

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