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Conducting Project Visualization with OnePager Pro

How to visualize a project plan created in Microsoft Project

Project plans are just like any other kinds of data: they are easier to understand when we visualize them. Traditional project management tools like Microsoft Project are great at managing project data, but are not designed to help you visualize your project. OnePager Pro, a companion to Microsoft Project, gives you the ability to visualize your project in new and meaningful ways.

OnePager Pro is the simplest way to visualize a project plan.

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Project visualization in a few easy steps

With a few button clicks, OnePager Pro creates project visuals that look like this:
Microsoft Project visualization created in OnePager Pro.

If you would like to visualize one of your project plans, download a free trial of OnePager Pro and follow these simple steps:

  1. Open any Microsoft Project plan. OnePager Pro can help you visualize complicated projects, or simple ones:
    Microsoft Project plan without any illustration. You can use a flag field like "Flag 20" to filter your project plan before creating your visualization.
  2. Double-click the OnePager Pro icon on your desktop. From the Start screen, choose New, and choose your Microsoft Project plan as the source file for your OnePager Gantt chart. This will launch the import wizard:
    OnePager Pro has a simple wizard that helps you begin visualizing your project.
  3. Click the Create new chart button to visualize your project:
    OnePager Pro is the easiest way to visualize a project plan.


The project visualization above already looks pretty good, but you can make all kinds of modifications as needed, including:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Grouping and sorting
  • Updates when your project plan changes
  • Templates for visualizing other projects

Simply click on the Chart Properties button to modify your project visualization. You can also drag and reformat objects just like PowerPoint if you prefer. Once you have completed all of your changes, your project visualization might look like this:
OnePager Pro is the simplest way to visualize a project plan.

OnePager Pro is the leading project visualization tool. Get started today by downloading a free trial or attending one of our demonstration webinars.

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