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PWA Timeline

How to create a timeline of multiple projects from Project Web App (PWA)

OnePager Pro works with Microsoft's PWA (Project Web App) to create portfolio-level timelines without having to download them first into Microsoft Project.

Multi-Project timeline created in OnePager from PWA.

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Follow the steps below to see how easy it is to build a multi-project timeline from PWA. If you don’t already have OnePager Pro, you can download a 15-day free trial to see how it works.

  1. Log into PWA, and take a look at your Project Center. In this example, the Project Web App shows a total of five projects:
    PWA Project Center
  2. We'll ultimately want to import all five projects from PWA into a single OnePager timeline, but as a starting point, let's take a quick look at the "Project A" plan:
    Sample project plan in PWA

    This is a simple project, with a few key phases. In our project timeline, we'll want to only show the phase summaries (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III) and not the task-by-task detail. So, for each of the five projects we import, we'll only show the major phases. This will keep the timeline simple, while allowing you to keep as much detail as you need to back in PWA.

  3. Now, it's time to launch OnePager. Double-click the OnePager Pro icon on your desktop:
    OnePager Pro connects directly to PWA to build timelines from your Project Web App data.
  4. When the start screen appears, click NEW to start building a new timeline from PWA:
    OnePager Pro connects directly to PWA to build timelines from your Project Web App data.
  5. The next screen is where you will connect to PWA and decide which projects to include in your timeline. Click on Select > Browse Microsoft Project Online, Project Server, or PWA:
    Connect to PWA from OnePager.

    OnePager will prompt you for your PWA URL, username, and password, which will allow you to log into your PWA account and import the different project plans. This is a secure connection.

  6. Select all five projects from PWA, then click OK to add them to your timeline:
    Select multiple projects from PWA to add to your timeline
  7. Instead of selecting every task and milestone from all five projects in PWA, we want to filter the projects to only look at summary tasks. To do this, choose Select tasks by custom filter
    Filter multiple projects from PWA.
  8. We'll set up a simple filter so that only top-level summary tasks (outline level 1) are imported from PWA. Lower-level detail tasks will be excluded from the timeline:
    Only import summary tasks from PWA.
  9. Click OK, and then Create new chart. OnePager will import the summary tasks from the five selected projects in PWA, and will create a timeline like this, with each project in its own swimlane, and with all of a project's phases lined up left-to-right:
    Multi-Project timeline created in OnePager from PWA.

From here, you can customize your swimlanes, the time axis, color-coding, and many other formatting elements.

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