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Roadmap of Several Projects

How to create a roadmap that looks at several projects at once.

If you manage several projects, it's important to be able to see all of your activities across all of your projects in one place. OnePager works directly with Microsoft Project to create roadmaps that give you visibility into several projects at once, either in timeline or Gantt chart layout.

OnePager Pro is the easiest way to create roadmaps that look at several projects at once. With a direct connection to Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online, OnePager Pro can seamlessly integrate data from several project plans and consolidate everything into a simple timeline view. Sign up for a free trial and try it out today.

Roadmap in Timeline Format

Timeline Roadmap of Several Projects

Roadmap in Gantt Chart Format

Gantt Chart Roadmap of Several Projects

OnePager can build a roadmap of several projects in either a timeline layout or a Gantt chart layout. Simply follow the instructions below and pick the layout that you'd like:

  1. In this example, we will combine five separate Microsoft Project plans into a single roadmap. Let's begin by opening one of those five plans in Microsoft Project:

    Microsoft Project Plan

  2. We want to keep our roadmap high-level, so instead of including all task details, we'll use a flag field (Flag20) to select only phase-level information for each project:

    Filtered Microsoft Project Plan

    Insert the same Flag20 field into the other four Microsoft Project plans to filter each project the same way.

  3. Launch OnePager by going to Microsoft Project's Add-Ins tab and clicking the OnePager Pro button:

    Launch OnePager Pro

  4. When the start screen appears, click NEW to start building a new roadmap.

  5. On the import wizard, we can tell OnePager to import several projects into the same roadmap. We can add more projects by clicking on Add/Remove at the top of the screen, and then using the Add button to point to any other projects that you want to include in the roadmap:

    Import multiple projects into the roadmap

  6. Once all of the Microsoft Project plans have been selected, you can choose a template to define the layout of your roadmap. Choose a template by clicking on Change > Browse Files. While there are lots of templates available with your trial, we recommend using "Multi-Project Gantt Chart - Detailed" for this example:

    Pick a template for your roadmap

  7. Finally, click on Create new Chart to import information from all of the Microsoft Project plans and combine them into a roadmap.

    Initial roadmap of several projects.

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Adjusting Formatting and Layout

The example above shows you how to quickly combine several Microsoft Project plans into a roadmap. Once you've done this, OnePager makes it easy to make changes to the colors, layout, and other formatting of your roadmap. For example:

  1. If you want to assign a different color to each phase so that the same phase of each project in the roadmap gets the same color, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars and change your Color Code setting to look at the "Task Name" field, like this:

    Assign a different color to each phase in the roadmap.

  2. Once you click OK, OnePager will reassign the colors in your roadmap so that each phase gets a consistent color across multiple projects:

    Roadmap of several projects in a Gantt chart layout.

  3. If you want to change your roadmap from a Gantt chart layout to a timeline layout, go back to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes and change your Task Layout to a Timeline based on the "Project Name" field. This will ensure that all tasks from the same project are lined up left-to-right in the same row:

    Switch your roadmap from a Gantt chart layout to a Timeline layout.

  4. Click OK again, OnePager will realign all of the tasks in your roadmap so that each project is depicted in a single timeline, like this:

    Roadmap of several projects in a Timeline layout.

    OnePager is pretty flexible. Here, we've increased the height of each row and changed some of the text to white to improve readability.

  5. OnePager is the best way to build roadmaps from several projects, since it is tightly integrated with Microsoft Project and gives you complete control over formatting and layout.

    Create a roadmap from several projects today by downloading a free trial of OnePager Pro.

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