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Smartsheet Project Health Report

How to create a project timeline that shows the health of each task in a Smartsheet project.

Most project managers track the status or health of each task, but it's not always easy to display health on a Gantt chart or project timeline. OnePager can connect directly to Smartsheet, making it easy to create a project health report.

Smartsheet project health report created in OnePager.

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OnePager lets you take any Smartsheet project plan and create a timeline that is color-coded based on the health of each task. Don't have OnePager yet? You can download a 15-day free trial to check it out.

Adding Project Health to Smartsheet

  1. Start with your Smartsheet project. Here, we have a handful of tasks assigned to different phases:

    Sample Smartsheet project plan

  2. To track health in Smartsheet, we can add a custom column by right-clicking and choosing Insert Column Left. We'll create a custom Dropdown (Single Select) column called Health:

    Insert a custom Health column into Smartsheet.

    Feel free to customize the health values for your project. In this example, we'll use On Schedule, Late, Early, Blocked, Complete, and Future.

  3. Assign a health status to each task in Smartsheet, like this:

    Health status values assigned to each task in Smartsheet

  4. When you import your Smartsheet project into OnePager, you have the option to select only certain rows. To do this, insert a Checkbox column called OnePager and check the rows that you want to include in your project health report:

    Smartsheet project with OnePager checkbox column.

Creating a Project Health Report in OnePager from Smartsheet

  1. Now that your Smartsheet project has a health field, we're ready to import it into OnePager, which you can launch from the desktop icon:

    Launch OnePager

  2. When OnePager's start screen appears, click NEW:

    Create a new Gantt chart in OnePager

  3. Go to Select > Browse Smartsheet to connect to your Smartsheet account:

    Import from Smartsheet into OnePager.

    If you haven't used OnePager with Smartsheet before, Smartsheet will ask you to confirm your username and password before signing in.

  4. Select the Smartsheet project that you want to import, and click OK:

    Import a Smartsheet project into a OnePager Gantt chart or timeline.

  5. Give your Gantt chart a name, and make sure that you're filtering on the OnePager checkbox column, if you set one up in Smartsheet. Click Next.

    OnePager timeline and Gantt chart creation wizard for Smartsheet.

  6. On the field mappings screen, choose the Health column for color coding, and then click on Create New Chart:

    Decide which field from Smartsheet should be used to color-code the Gantt chart or timeline.

  7. OnePager will import your project from Smartsheet, displaying any rows that you selected. Tasks that have the same parent will be grouped together into swimlanes. We've also color-coded the tasks based on their health status back in Smartsheet:

    OnePager Gantt chart with swimlanes and color-coding, imported from Smartsheet.

  8. If you want to customize which colors apply to each different health value, you can set up conditional formatting. To do this, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars and click on the Manage Rules button. Here, we've set up custom conditional formatting rules so that we have control over the color of each health value in Smartsheet:

    Conditional formatting assigns each task a color based on its project health in Smartsheet.

    Our conditional formatting rules ensure that late tasks are orange, blocked tasks are red, completed tasks are blue, early tasks are green, tasks that are on schedule are yellow, and future tasks are purple. Feel free to assign your own colors as you see fit.

  9. Once your rules are applied, your project health report should look something like this:

    Project health report created based on a Smartsheet project plan.

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