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Smartsheet Project Portfolio Timelines

OnePager displays a timeline of multiple Smartsheet projects in a portfolio

If you use Smartsheet to manage a portfolio of several projects, it's important to get a high-level view of all of your projects in one place. OnePager can help you do this by importing your Smartsheet project portfolio and creating a timeline that shows all of your projects in a single chart.

Smartsheet Project Portfolio Timeline

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PMOs love OnePager's portfolio timelines because they pull your project information straight from Smartsheet into a simple, consolidated view. Here's how it works:

  1. Here is one of the Smartsheet projects in our portfolio. Notice that the project has multiple phases (parent rows) with individual tasks underneath:

    Smartsheet project plan with phases (parent rows) and tasks

    In our portfolio timeline, we're going to tell OnePager to import the parent rows, but none of the individual tasks. However, if you want to import a different mixture of phases, tasks and milestones in Smartsheet, you can create a checkbox field to select exactly what you want to display on your timeline.

  2. In this example, we have a portfolio of three Smartsheet projects, though you can certainly have more if you need to. We'll want to import all three projects from the Smartsheet portfolio into OnePager to create a consolidated timeline:

    Portfolio of Smartsheet projects.

  3. Launch OnePager using the desktop icon:

    OnePager desktop icon.

  4. On the start screen, click New to begin building your Smartsheet portfolio timeline:

    OnePager start screen.

  5. On the import wizard, go to Select > BROWSE Smartsheet to connect to your Smartsheet account.

    OnePager can browse your Smartsheet projects.

    If this is your first time connecting to Smartsheet through OnePager, Smartsheet will ask you to confirm your username and password.

  6. Smartsheet will display all of the projects available in your account. Using the Ctrl button, left-click on all of the Smartsheet projects that you want to import into your portfolio timeline. In this case, we will import the same three Smartsheet projects:

    Select multiple Smartsheet projects from a portfolio to import into a timeline.

  7. After you've chosen your Smartsheet projects, switch to one of OnePager's multi-project templates by going to Change > Browse Files and choosing the Multi-Project Timeline for Smartsheet template:

    OnePager Pro Timeline Creation Wizard

  8. You can also tell OnePager to filter your Smartsheet projects so that only summary rows are imported:

    Filter Smartsheet so that only summary tasks appear in the timeline.

    If you set up a checkbox column in Smartsheet earlier, you can connect it to OnePager here and use that as your filter instead.

  9. Click Next and then Create New Chart. Initially, you'll get more of a Gantt Chart layout that summarizes all of the projects in your Smartsheet portfolio. In the next few steps, we'll convert it to a timeline layout:

    Switch from a Gantt chart layout to a timeline layout so that each Smartsheet project is in its own swimlane and on its own timeline.

  10. To switch your portfolio from a Gantt chart to a timeline, go to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes and change the Timeline setting to Align tasks on the Project Name field. We'll also want to turn off the sub-swimlane, which you can do by clicking on the Left #2 swimlane tab:

    Group your porftolio based on the Smartsheet project name

  11. When you click OK, OnePager will re-group the tasks in the portfolio so that each Smartsheet project is in its own row, like this:

    Timeline of a portfolio of multiple Smartsheet projects.

  12. We can also change the timeline so that it is color-coded by phase. This way, if each project in the portfolio consists of the same phases, the same phase in each project will appear in the same color. Go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars and change your color-coding to look at the Task Name:

    Assign a different color to each phase from a Smartsheet project across the entire portfolio.

  13. Click OK one final time, and OnePager will assign a unique color to each phase in the Smartsheet portfolio timeline:

    Smartsheet portfolio timeline, grouped by project, and color-coded by phase.

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