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Smartsheet Status Report

How to build a RAG status report or a stoplight chart from Smartsheet

If you use Smartsheet to manage projects, you need an easy way to so the status of each task. Commonly called stoplight charts or RAG (red, amber, green) charts, these visual status reports integrate seamlessly into your existing Gantt Chart or project timeline.

Smartsheet Status Report 15-Day
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OnePager Express is a timeline tool for Excel that makes it easy to create Smartsheet status reports in just a few easy steps. Simply export your Smartsheet plan to Excel and bring it into OnePager to get started.

  1. Start with your project plan in Smartsheet. Here, we have a simple project with different statuses of Complete, In Progress, and Not Started for each task:

    Smartsheet project with a status assigned to each task.

  2. Right-click in your Smartsheet chart and choose the Insert Column Left option. We are going to insert an Auto-Number/System called Row ID:

    Row ID auto-number field in Smartsheet.

    Save your project, and Smartsheet will automatically number each task in your plan.

  3. Your Smartsheet plan is now ready to be exported to Excel. In Smartsheet, go to File > Export > Export to Microsoft Excel:

    Export from Smartsheet to Excel.

  4. Now it's time to bring your project plan into OnePager. Open the Excel file that you just created, go to the Add-Ins tab, and click the OnePager Express icon:

    Launch OnePager from Excel.

  5. On the start screen, click NEW to start building a new status report. On the import wizard, give your chart a name, and ensure that you are importing all tasks from Excel/Smartsheet into OnePager. Click Next:

    Name your Smartsheet Status Report.

  6. On the next screen, tell OnePager that you want to assign colors based on the Status field, and then click Create New Chart:

    Color-code based on the status field in Smartsheet.

  7. OnePager will import the tasks from your Smartsheet project and give you a status report like this, which colors are assigned based on the status of each task:

    Smartsheet status report

    Here, each different status value gets its own color. The progress of each task, or percent complete, is also shown as a yellow progress bar.

  8. If you'd like to change which colors assigns to each status, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars > Manage Rules and customize the different colors that represent each status:

    Smartsheet conditional formatting for status reporting.

  9. Click OK twice, and OnePager will update your chart to reflect the new colors that you assigned to each status, and will also update the legend to reflect those colors automatically:

    Smartsheet RAG Status Report or Stoplight Chart

This status report takes the status data from your Smartsheet project plan and automatically assigns color so that you can quickly identify which Smartsheet tasks are in good shape, and which ones are in trouble.

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