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Sub-Swimlanes from Primavera P6

If you use Primavera P6 and need to create a Gantt chart or project timeline that has parent swimlanes and child swimlanes, OnePager can help.

Primavera P6 Gantt chart with three levels of swimlanes and sub-swimlanes (parent swimlanes and child swimlanes) based on the WBS

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OnePager can create up to three levels of swimlanes and sub-swimlanes based on the WBS levels in Primavera P6. Here's how it works:

  1. In this example Primavera P6 project, we have three levels in the WBS (Phase, Workstream, and Sprint), with activities assigned to each sprint. OnePager will use the three levels of the Primavera P6 WBS to group activities into swimlanes and sub-swimlanes:

    Primavera P6 activities assigned to three levels of a WBS

  2. OnePager will automatically import WBS information from Primavera P6 without you having to do anything special, so before creating our Gantt chart, the only thing we need to do is to export from Primavera P6 to either XML or XER format, both of which can be imported directly into OnePager. You can do this in Primavera P6 by going to File > Export:

    Export from Primavera P6 to either XML or XER format

  3. From your desktop or Windows Start menu, launch OnePager:

    Launch OnePager from your desktop.

  4. When the OnePager start screen appears, click on New to start building a new swimlane chart from Primavera P6:

    OnePager start screen.

  5. On the import wizard, choose Select > BROWSE Primavera P6 Files:

    Browse Primavera P6 projects in XML or XER format before importing into OnePager.

    Select the Primavera P6 XML or XER file that you want to use, and click OK to import it.

  6. OnePager has a template that is specifically-designed to make swimlane charts easy. To use it, go to Change > BROWSE FILES and select the template called Swimlanes with Multiple Levels for Primavera P6:

    OnePager template designed to create swimlanes and sub-swimlanes from Primavera P6

  7. We'll filter the Primavera P6 file so that only activities are imported. For each activity that comes in, OnePager will automatically know where it sits within the WBS, without the need to import the WBS summary tasks separately:

    Filter your Primavera P6 chart activity vs. WBS, a user-defined field, or a global activity code.

    If your Primavera P6 project is larger and you want to filter activities further before importing into OnePager, you can use a user-defined field or a global activity code to include or exclude certain activities from your Gantt chart.

  8. Click on Create New Chart. OnePager will import your activities from Primavera P6, and will group your project into three levels of nested swimlanes and sub-swimlanes. The first level of swimlanes is based on the first level of the WBS (Phase), the second level swimlane is based on the second level of the WBS (Workstream), and the third level swimlane is based on the third level of the WBS (Sprint):

    Gantt chart created from Primavera P6 with swimlanes and sub-swimlanes based on the WBS outline levels.

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