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Timeline in Project Online

Build a multi-project timeline directly from Project Online in OnePager Pro.

Project Online is Microsoft's newest way to manage multiple project plans in the cloud. OnePager Pro works with Project Online to help you build timelines for one or multiple projects, giving you the reports that Project Online doesn't offer out of the box.

Timeline from Project Online created in OnePager Pro.

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OnePager Pro is the only timeline software that connects directly to Project Online. With OnePager, you can import multiple project plans from Project Online and combine them into a single timeline so that your stakeholders get a high-level overview of your entire project portfolio. Sign up for a free trial and try it out today.

OnePager Pro builds timelines and Gantt charts from Project Online in just a few easy steps:

  1. Launch OnePager Pro. You can either do this from your desktop, or from inside Microsoft Project.
    Launch OnePager Pro.
  2. Click NEW to begin building your timeline:
    OnePager Pro start screen lets you start building a new timeline from Project Online.
  3. On the next screen, click Select and then BROWSE Project Online/Server...
    Choose Project Online as the data source for your new timeline.
  4. Connect to your Project Online account, and select as many project plans as you'd like to include in your timeline. In this example, we'll import two projects, but there is no limit to the number of projects you can include:
    Log into Project Online from OnePager Pro and select multiple project plans.
  5. OnePager has a number of different predefined templates. In this example, we will Change the template to the "Multi-Project Timeline", which is optimized for multi-project timelines. Once the template has been changed, click Create new chart to build the timeline:
    OnePager's expert templates make multi-project timelines easy to create.
  6. OnePager will log into Project Online, import the project(s) that you selected, and build a timeline. From there, you can refine the layout, color, and other settings to get something like this:
    Timeline built from Project Online in OnePager Pro.

This project timeline is powerful because it's based on the project plans that you already have in Project Online. There is no need to hand-draw each task in PowerPoint or to try and splice several Microsoft Project Gantt charts together. Once you are happy with the formatting, export your timeline to PowerPoint or PDF and share with anyone who needs to see it.

Important things to remember about OnePager:

  • OnePager connects directly to Project Online
  • Import as many project plans into a single timeline as you need
  • Change how you group and sort the timeline

Build your timeline today by downloading a free trial.

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