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Wrike Timeline

Import tasks from Wrike into OnePager to create a timeline of your project.

OnePager builds project timelines from Wrike by importing selected tasks and aligning them into rows, like this:

OnePager timeline built using Wrike.

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If you don't already have OnePager, click the button above to download a free trial. Then, follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Start with your project in Wrike and switch to the Gantt Chart view. This example roadmap has different categories of consumer products, each with key phases in the product development lifecycle:

    Wrike project with product categories

  2. For this timeline, we only want to include specific tasks from Wrike, instead of importing the entire project. The easiest way to do this is to use a custom checkbox field to indicate which tasks from Wrike to include in the timeline. To add this field, click on the gear button, followed by Manage custom fields.

    Manage custom fields in Wrike

  3. On the next screen, click Add field. If there is already a custom field for OnePager in your Wrike account, add it to your project. If the field doesn't exist in your Wrike account yet, click on Create new field and create a field called OnePager with a Type of Checkbox, like this:

    Add a custom field to a project in Wrike

    For faster access to this field in the future, we recommend setting up the field so that it Belongs to entire account. This will make it available for filtering other Wrike projects in the future.

  4. Once the field has been added to your project, to back to the gear icon and check the box next to the OnePager custom field so that it's available for use:

    Add a checkbox field to Wrike

  5. Now, check the box next to any tasks in Wrike that you'd like to include in your timeline. In this example, we've selected a handful of Wrike tasks:

    Select tasks in Wrike with a checkbox field.

  6. Now, launch OnePager from your desktop:

    Launch OnePager Bundle to import from Wrike.

  7. On the OnePager start screen, choose New to start building a new Wrike timeline:

    OnePager start screen.

  8. From the import wizard, go to Select > BROWSE Wrike:

    Browse Wrike from OnePager.

    If this is your first time using OnePager with Wrike, you will see a sign-in screen to allow OnePager to connect to your Wrike account.

  9. Once connected to Wrike, OnePager will display a list of all of your available projects. Click on the one that you'd like to import, and then click OK:

    List of Wrike projects available for import into OnePager.

  10. Back on the import wizard, select the OnePager checkbox field to filter your tasks from Wrike:

    Filter your Wrike project using a custom field

  11. To finish the import from Wrike, click Create New Chart. This will initially create a Gantt chart that is grouped into swimlanes by the first set of parent tasks in Wrike. To subdivide the chart further, go to Home > Chart Propreties > Rows/Swimlanes and click on the Left #2 tab to add a secondary swimlane grouping that uses the Level 2 Summary Name, which is the secondary set of summary tasks in Wrike:

    Group tasks in the Gantt chart into swimlanes based on the Wrike summary tasks.

  12. Click OK, and OnePager will group your Gantt chart based on the hierarchy in Wrike. In this case, the swimlanes are first grouped by the product category, and then grouped by the product name:

    Wrike Gantt chart with swimlanes based on the summary tasks of the project

  13. To switch from a Gantt chart to a timeline layout, return to Home > Chart Propreties > Rows/Swimlanes, and change the Task Layout to align tasks based on Level 2 Summary Name which is the same field that we used to group the sub-swimlanes in the previous step:

    Switch from a Wrike Gantt Chart to a Wrike Timeline

  14. Click OK. OnePager will adjust the layout of the chart so that all of the tasks for a given product are aligned left-to-right in a single row, creating a simpler timeline instead of a Gantt chart:

    Switch from a Wrike Gantt Chart to a Wrike Timeline

    When switching from a Gantt chart to a timeline, you may want to turn off the individual task labels and increase the row height so that there is more space between the tasks in your chart. Moving the legend into the margin also improves readability. This example reflects these additional customizations.

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