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Combine Multiple Projects into a Single Timeline

One of OnePager's most powerful features is its ability to combine multiple project plans into a single timeline or Gantt Chart that spans your entire portfolio. OnePager enables you to build multi-project timelines from any single data source (Project, Project Online, Smartsheet, Primavera P6, etc.).

Combine multiple Smartsheet projects into a single OnePager timeline

OnePager can also import a master project summary from Microsoft Project, Primavera P6, or Smartsheet if you prefer that over importing several projects individually.

Multi-Project Timeline

With a multi-project timeline, OnePager makes a single row for each separate project, and lines all tasks and milestones for that project up left-to-right.

Summarize multiple project plans into a portfolio or program-level view.

Multi-Project Gantt Chart

For a multi-project Gantt chart, each task or milestone is shown in its own row, but then all rows for a given project are grouped together into a swimlane.

Multi-Project Gantt Chart.