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Primavera P6 File Import

OnePager Bundle can import Primavera P6 projects in either XML or XER format:

Import Primavera P6 XML or XER files directly into OnePager Bundle.

You can import one or several Primavera P6 schedules to create a Gantt chart or timeline. OnePager will also import your WBS and resource information from Primavera P6 to make your chart even more powerful:

OnePager Bundle Gantt chart created from a Primavera P6 XML file. OnePager is using the Primavera P6 WBS to drive the swimlane groupings, and the Primavera P6 resource information to color-code the chart.

More Information on OnePager and Primavera P6

For more details on how OnePager creates Gantt charts and project timelines from Primavera P6, please read these instructions: