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Smart Text Optimization Using AI

Automatic Text Positioning

When a project timeline needs to display a lot of information in a small amount of space, the text is usually hard to read. OnePager supports smart text positioning, which uses AI to automatically adjust the layout of your timeline to make the text more readable, by placing text in areas that have the most white space:

OnePager positions text left, right, above, below, or inside tasks and milestones.

Here, the text is automatically positioned left/right, above/below, and even within the bars of the Gantt chart, based on what looks best. You can still fine-tune the text by hand if needed.

Escape Paths

When there isn't enough white space available to display all of the desired text, OnePager can use more advanced methods to make things fit better.

OnePager can place text into a stairstep or comment box when it doesn't have enough space.

OnePager supports the following types escape paths for text in your chart:

  • Stairsteps: Placing text into a comment box with a connector line (shown above)
  • Wrapping: Placing text on several lines so that it takes up less horizontal space
  • Font reduction: Shinking the text so that it will fit in the available space
  • Truncation: Shortening text length so that it will fit in the available space