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Report on Project Details in Text Columns

Display more details about your project (cost, dates, resource information) on the left-hand side of your chart in up to five custom text columns:

Display custom information in text columns.

If needed, you can assign a custom format (date, number, currency, etc.) to each column to make it easier to read and organize yor project data.

Symbol Columns

In addition to displaying text, these same columns can display symbols instead. In this example, OnePager has replaced the Percent Complete field with different symbols that represent the status of each task:

Display a symbol next to a row of your project Gantt chart.

In the example above, OnePager has assigned a green Harvey ball for any tasks that are complete, a yellow half-shaded Harvey ball for any tasks that are in progress, and an unfilled Harvey ball for tasks that have not yet started. Users can select from hundreds of available symbols and colors to customize the look and feel of their columns.

Statistical Columns

In cases where there are multiple tasks in a single row, OnePager can perform a statistical function before displaying data in a text column. Here is the same project as before, but with tasks rolled up by phase so that there are several tasks in each row instead of one task per row:

Calculate statisitcs about the tasks in your chart before displaying the value in a text column

In the example above, OnePager has computed the following statistics for the tasks in each row:

  • Earliest Start Date
  • Latest Finish Date
  • Average (Mean) Percent Complete
  • Total (Sum) Cost

OnePager displays these computed statistics in the text column in place of values from individual tasks.