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Calendar and Fiscal Years

Regardless of whether your projects operate on a traditional calendar year or a fiscal year, you can set up the time axis in OnePager to match:

Calendar year:

Calendar Year

Fiscal year:

Fiscal Year

Stretch and Zoom

When certain sections of your project plan require more focus, you can zoom into a portion of your time axis to make it more visible. Here, we've expanded and highlighted the month of May:

Non-Linear Time Axis

Remove or Highlight Weekends

To remind your audience that work doesn't take place on weekends, you can highlight them as non-working:

Highlight weekends

If preferred, you can hide weekends completely so that only work days are shown on your time axis:

Hidden weekends

Position your Time Axis Anywhere

OnePager's time axis can be docked to the top or bottom of your Gantt chart, or can float anywhere in the middle:

Floating time axis

Feature Details

  • Display up to three different date/time units (year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, minute, etc.) each with customizable colors and gridlines.
  • Use a calendar year or a fiscal year.
  • Create custom date formats
  • Stretch and zoom different sections of your time axis to add or remove focus. OnePager's time axis can either be linear or logarithmic.
  • Place the time axis anywhere in your chart (top, floating, bottom, or several locations)
  • Adjust the start and finish date of your overall timeline
  • Hide or highlight weekends, or other non-working time like overnights