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Smart Text Optimization Using AI

Automatic Text Positioning

When a project timeline has lots of tasks and milestones in close proximity, it can sometimes be hard to read the text cleanly. OnePager offers AI-driven text positioning, which automatically optimizes the layout of your chart to minimize the number of collisions between neighboring tasks and milestones, based on available whitespace:

Let OnePager decide the best place to place task and milestone text to avoid overlap with neighboring objects.

You can always use the mouse to fine-tune the positioning of any text in your chart, but by letting OnePager do this intelligently and automatically, you will save considerable time and effort.

Escape Paths

In addition to making the best use of whitespace in your chart, OnePager can also use AI to adjust the formatting of your text to help it fit into even the tightest spaces:

OnePager wraps task/milestone text when there isn't enough room for everything to fit.

OnePager supports the following escape paths to prevent text from colliding with other text or shapes in your chart:

  • Wrapping: Placing text on several lines so that it takes up less horizontal space (shown above)
  • Font reduction: Shinking the text so that it will fit in the available space
  • Stairsteps: Placing text into a callout box with a connector line
  • Truncation: Shortening text length so that it will fit in the available space