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Apply Conditional Formatting to your Timeline

OnePager Pro allows you to create conditional formatting rules based on your existing Microsoft Project data, or based on enterprise custom fields in Project Server and Project Online. These rules allow you to automatically define the shape, color, hash fill, height, border and font of tasks and milestones in your project plan.

As your Microsoft Project plan changes, OnePager will reapply the rules and dynamically adjust the look and feel of your chart based on changes to your data. Conditional formatting rules can be included in a template, which can be shared across your organization to create a standard project reporting style.

Create conditional formatting rules for your Microsoft Project Gantt chart or timeline.

Advanced Conditional Formatting

Users who require even more control can expand conditional formatting to cover even more properties, including baselines, percent complete, and task/milestone representation, among others:

Dynamically control the display of baselines, the color of percent, and whether an activity displays as a task or a milestone.