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Filter your Microsoft Project Tasks and Milestones

If you want to present a subset of tasks and milestones from your Microsoft Project plan, OnePager gives you several ways to filter your schedule. This way, you can select only the tasks and milestones that are relevant to your audience. You can create different filters for different reports, meaning that a single Microsoft Project plan can be filtered differently depending on the audience.

Microsoft Project Flag Field

Microsoft Project has twenty flag fields, all of which can be used to filter your schedule in OnePager. Simply place a "Yes" next to the tasks and milestones that you want to see in your report, and OnePager will do the rest. OnePager can also use enterprise custom flag fields from Project Server or Project Online:

Use flag columns or enterprise custom fields to filter your Microsoft Project plan before importing into OnePager Pro.

Custom Import Filters

If you need more control over which tasks are included in your OnePager report, you can create a rules-based custom import filter that looks at one or more fields in Microsoft Project. Again, you can filter based on local Microsoft Project fields, or based on enterprise custom fields from Project Server or Project Online:

Create custom, data-driven filters to decide which tasks and milestones are imported into your Gantt chart.

Project for the web Task Selection

When importing from Project for the web (P4W), OnePager will present a task selection interface which can be used to include or exclude tasks from the Gantt chart:

Select tasks for import from Project for the web