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Import Directly from Microsoft Project

OnePager Pro integrates directly with Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online, which makes it very easy to import your project plan into OnePager Pro, and to update OnePager Pro as your Microsoft Project plan changes.

Users may choose to use OnePager Pro as an add-in to Microsoft Project, as a traditional desktop application, or both:

Option 1: Launch from the Microsoft Project Add-Ins Tab

Simply click the OnePager Pro button from Microsoft Project's Add-Ins tab to launch it from within Microsoft Project:

Import your Microsoft Project file directly into OnePager Pro.

Option 2: Double-Click the OnePager Pro Desktop Icon

Just like any other application, double-click the OnePager Pro icon on your desktop, and point OnePager to either your local file in *.mpp or *.xml format or to your Project Server/Project Online environment.

Launch OnePager Pro straight from your desktop.