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Summarize Multiple Project Plans

Creating a program or portfolio-level view is easy with OnePager Pro. Advanced import capabilities enable you to import multiple Microsoft Project plans into a single OnePager Pro timeline. This means that you can import several *.mpp files, or can import multiple plans from Microsoft Project Server, Project Online, or Project for the Web (P4W)--all into a single OnePager document.

OnePager Pro also supports the import of integrated master schedules, for project plans that have been linked together prior to import. OnePager Pro does not require that you use integrated master schedules, however. You can import individual plans if it is more convenient.

Multi-Project Timeline

With a multi-project timeline, OnePager can create a single row for each project, with all tasks and milestones for each project lined up left-to-right in a timeline format.

Summarize multiple Microsoft Project plans into a portfolio or program-level view.

Multi-Project Gantt Chart

OnePager can also create a multi-project Gantt chart, with each task in its own row, but grouped into swimlanes based on the parent project.

Multi-Project Gantt Chart.