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Compare Different Versions of your Project Schedule

If you have created different snapshots of your MS Project plan at different points in time, OnePager Pro stores these snapshots as different versions of your project and keeps them in time-order. If you need to look back in time at how your project looked a month ago, or want to see the original version of your project schedule from two years back, you can use OnePager Pro's powerful snapshot feature to look at prior versions of your Gantt chart.

OnePager Pro uses snapshots to create versions of a Gantt chart at different points in time.

Highlighting Changed Tasks

OnePager can easily highlight tasks where the dates have changed between one snapshot and the next. In this example, OnePager uses conditional formatting to apply a red border to any tasks where the finish date has changed since the previous snapshot:

Apply a red border to any tasks where the finish date has slipped

OnePager can also display dates from the previous snapshot in place of the formal project baseline, giving you another way to clearly see where the dates have changed.