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Group Tasks and Milestones into Swimlanes

Swimlanes are a way to group tasks and milestones in a way that is meaningful to your audience. You might group project deliverables by phase, by team, or by resource. If you are using OnePager to present an overview of your Microsoft Project portfolio, you can group each project into an individual swimlane as well. Swimlanes can be created dynamically, but you can also move, group, and sort them by hand.

OnePager Pro allows you to group tasks and milestones into swimlanes based on any Microsoft Project column.

Multiple Nested Swimlanes

OnePager Pro supports up to three levels of nested swimlanes, which is ideal for projects and programs with a more complex hierarchy. In this example, the chart is grouped first by program, then by project, and finally by phase:

Group swimlanes in up to three nested levels.