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Display Microsoft Project Data in Text Columns

Users who need to include additional details in their Gantt chart can import several fields from Microsoft Project and display them as text columns:

Display up to five additional columns of text from your Microsoft Project plan.

Each column can have its own format (date, number, currency, etc.) to match the data imported from Microsoft Project. For Project Online users, text columns can also display the values from enterprise custom fields.

Symbol Columns

One or more columns can switch to displaying colorful symbols instead of plain text:

Display Harvey balls to track percent complete and checkmarks and Xes to display status.

In this example, OnePager has replaced numeric percent complete with Harvey balls. Tasks that are complete appear in solid blue. Tasks that are 75% or more complete will show a 3/4 Harvey ball. The pattern continues down in increments of 25% to a completely white Harvey ball for tasks that haven't yet started.

OnePager has also assigned symbols to the different statuses from Microsoft Project. Completed tasks appear with a green checkmark. Tasks that are on schedule but still incomplete appear with a yellow cautionary triangle. Late tasks appear with a red X, while future tasks appear with a white alarm clock.

OnePager uses conditional formatting to make both sets of symbol assignments; users can create their own rules for a completely custom look.

Statistical Columns

In cases where OnePager is in a timeline layout with multiple tasks in the same row, users have the option to calculate statistics about those tasks and place the result into a text column:

Calculate project statistics and display the results in the timeline.

In the example above, OnePager has calculated the earliest start date and the latest finish date for each row. The cost column now represents the total cost for all tasks in the row.

Percent complete represents the average of all of the tasks in each row, and appears as a Harvey ball, though can it easily be switched back to a numeric display if desired.

For status, OnePager uses conditional formatting to place a green checkmark if all tasks in the row are complete. For rows where one or more tasks are late, OnePager will place a red X instead. In cases where some tasks are in progress or not yet started, OnePager displays the yellow cautionary triangle.