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Customize Units and Scale

OnePager lets you show different time units, each in a unique format. You can also drag and drop the width of your time axis, zooming in on areas that require more attention:

Non-linear or logarithmic time axis created in OnePager Pro. Stretch or compress different months or quarters to create a non-linear timescale.

Track Progress with the Time Cursor

OnePager can display a time cursor that corresponds to the status date of your project, making it easy to see how much of your project is already behind you, and what's coming up next

Display a time cursor that corresponds to the status date of your Microsoft Project plan.

You can customize the time cursor to have different line styles and colors. The time cursor can have a pointer with your status date at the top of the chart, and can also have shading that highlights the time elapsed or time remaining in your project.

Shading and Hiding Weekends

If you want to only account for working time in your project report, OnePager can automatically shade weekends or other non-working time so that it's clear when work is being performed:

Shade weekends or other non-working time in the Gantt chart

OnePager can also eliminate weekends entirely, hiding non-working days so that only weekdays appear on the timeline:

Hide weekends and holidays from the Gantt chart.

Flexible Time Axis Positioning

Traditionally, Gantt charts have the time axis at the top, but OnePager lets you put it at the top or bottom. You can also have one or more floating time axes in the middle of your chart, which can make it easier to track key dates without having to scroll up and down:

Floating time axis in the middle of each swimlane, with milestones above and below it.

Feature Details

  • Show up to three different date/time units, each with its own custom style.
  • Use a calendar year or a fiscal year.
  • Define your own custom date formats, for added flexibility.
  • Stretch or compress sections of time to zoom in or out on different periods during your project.
  • Display the time axis at the top or bottom of each page in your chart, or as a floating time axis anywhere in the middle.
  • Automatically shade or hide weekends, or other days of the week.
  • Show or hide gridlines and zebra striping to increase visibility of key dates.
  • Control the overall start and finish date of your project plan.
  • Display a time cursor that corresponds to the status date of your project.
  • Shade elapsed time or remaining time for your project.