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Make Regular Updates and Version Your Timeline

If you need to make regular project reports, or are constantly updating your Microsoft Project plan, you need to maintain a consistent graphical format from week-to-week or from month-to-month. OnePager Pro's snapshot feature is the answer. Just launch OnePager Pro from your updated Microsoft Project plan and tell it to create an updated snapshot of your existing project view. OnePager Pro will use the existing project view format to display the current version of your Microsoft Project schedule. This gives you a consistent presentation format, whether you update it weekly, monthly, or daily.

OnePager Pro creates snapshots of your project schedule to capture changes at any point in time.

OnePager provides you with three different update modes:

  • Replace Snapshot: Quickly refresh your chart and incorporate any updated information from Microsoft Project. Don't track changes between updates.
  • Add Snapshot: Refresh your chart with updated information from Microsoft Project and track these changes on a different date so that you'll have an audit trail of what has changed between updates.
  • Custom Update: This advanced mode gives you more control over which aspects of your Microsoft Project data (e.g. task names, WBS levels, etc.) should be refreshed, and which should not.

In all three modes, OnePager will preseve any of your previous formatting; only the data from Microsoft Project will be refreshed.