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Smart Text Optimization Using AI

Automatic Text Positioning

When a Gantt chart or timeline has a lot tasks and milestones near each other, it can often get cluttered and be hard to read. OnePager Express supports smart text positioning, an AI engine that helps you automatically optimize the layout of your chart to reduce the amount of overlapping text, based on whitespace available in the chart:

OnePager Express positions milestone text above or below based on available whitespace.

You can always adjust the positioning of any text in your chart by hand, OnePager's ability to optimize the layout of most of the text will save you considerable effort.

Escape Paths

In addition to optimizing the whitespace in your timeline, OnePager Express can also use AI to adjust the formatting of your text to help it fit better when there isn't much whitespace available:

OnePager Express reduces the size of task or milestone text when the full-sized text won't fit in the available space.

OnePager supports the following types escape paths for text in your chart:

  • Font reduction: Shinking the text so that it will fit in the available space (shown above)
  • Wrapping: Placing text on several lines so that it takes up less horizontal space
  • Stairsteps: Placing text into a comment box with a connector line
  • Truncation: Shortening text length so that it will fit in the available space