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Use Curtains to Mark Time Spans

Sometimes, external events are as impactful to a project schedule as the tasks and deliverables themselves. OnePager Express enables you to mark project-wide events using curtains, which sit behind the tasks and milestones and span a specified length of time. Use curtains to depict vacations, re-orgs, or other company-wide events, even if they are not tracked in your Excel spreadsheet. Add as many curtains as you need, in as many styles as you want.

Mark prolonged periods of time on your Gantt chart with a curtain in OnePager Express.

Weekend Shading

In addition to marking specific date ranges with curtains, OnePager can also shade days of the week different colors. This is especially useful if you want to have weekdays in one color and weekends in the other:

Set weekdays to one background color and weekends to another with weekday curtain shading.