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Show Dependencies Between Tasks and Milestones

Show predecessor and successor relationships between tasks and milestones with OnePager's dependency illustrator. OnePager Express lets you import dependency data from Excel in a Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera P6 format, and also lets you draw links by hand in case your Excel data doesn't contain dependency information.

OnePager Express Gantt chart, showing predecessor and successor information from Oracle Primavera P6.

Feature Details

  • Import predecessor and successor information in a Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera P6 format.
  • Filter your dependencies with rules so that you show the right level of detail to your audience.
  • Adjust where predecessor and successors attach to tasks to make your report cleaner, or let OnePager optimize the layout of dependencies for you.
  • Format dependencies with custom colors, line styles, begin/end arrowheads, and more. Set a default style for all of your dependencies, or format them in smaller groups.