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Display Excel Data in Text Columns

If you need to include additional details in your Gantt chart, you can import several fields from your Excel spreadsheet and display them as text columns in your chart:

Display up to five additional columns of text from your Microsoft Excel project plan.

Each column can have its own format (date, number, currency, etc.) to match the data you are importing from Excel.

In this example, OnePager uses conditional formatting to change the Cost Variance text to red in cases where the actual cost exceeds the original budget.

Symbol Columns

For users who need to create a stoplight chart, OnePager can also use conditional formatting to assign symbols to columns in place of text. Continuing the example from above, OnePager has placed a green dot for tasks that are under budget, an amber dot for tasks that less than $1,000 over budget, and a red dot for any tasks that are $1,000 or more over budget:

Stoplight chart based on cost data for a project plan.

OnePager has a library of several hundred symbols that can be used in place of the basic circles in this example.

Statistical Columns

When building timelines instead of Gantt charts, there are often more than one task in each row. When this is the case, OnePager can summarize the information about all tasks so that the text columns more accurely represent the entire timeline instead of just one specific task:

Summarize cost information about your project plan.

In this example, OnePager has calculated the:

  • Earliest start date
  • Latest finish date
  • Total budget
  • Total cost
  • Total cost variance

In the case of cost variance, OnePager continues to use conditional formatting to create a stoplight chart of what is over budget and under budget, but now does so for each group of tasks instead of tasks individually.